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Reach me!

Cellphone: 778.228.0227
Email: volpinavance@gmail.com

Contact Etiquette

When sending an email:

It greatly assists me, and improves our chances of meeting, if your email is brief but describes:

  • the date and time you would like to meet, and any requests you have
  • at least a couple of facts about you.
When placing a phone call:
  • Please know I may not be able to pick up at the moment! In these cases, it really helps if you text or leave a message about the reason for your call.
  • As well, let me know if and when I should call back. Otherwise, we will have to wait until you contact me again!

Please see the other sections on this page for information relevant to incall and outcall appointments.

Incall Etiquette

Front door:
  • Use common sense: I can give you as thorough directions as you need! If you must interact with my concierge, a quick nod and smile will do.
  • There are cameras throughout my building. Please don't count money in the elevator! I'm much more comfortable with you doing it in front of me than arousing the suspicions of others.
  • Envelope, no envelope... if we meet at my place, it doesn't matter much to me! Good to know if you're low on postage materials.
Once inside:
  • Especially if you are a first-time visitor, please place the donation on my counter as soon as makes sense.
  • Taking a shower to remove sweat, etc. from everywhere can supercharge your session. 'Taint hard to do!
  • Suggesting it's time to go makes me a bit uncomfortable. Please respect my time. I will be polite, but may have somewhere to be afterward.

Outcall Etiquette

  • As more hotels increase their security measures, my ability to come straight up to your room decreases. Please be aware of the measures of your hotel. Meeting in the lounge or other nearby location is a comfortable way to make introductions!
  • When greeting, I like a handshake or quick hug. Hovering together looks uncomfortable!
  • Please hand me or show me the donation once we're in private. An unsealed envelope is best.
  • Please be fresh on my arrival. I will have groomed myself just before coming to meet you.

I check my email often! Email is really the best way to reach me outside of confirming an appointment. When calling, please leave a detailed message including how I might contact you. I do not respond to blocked calls.

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