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Body Mods:None

My name is Volpina, and I’m an independent, low-volume Vancouver escort. I took my name from the Fellini film Amarcord, in which Volpina is the town madwoman. Throughout the film, it was extremely poignant to me that only Volpina was free of the social mores around sexuality. She didn't understand them, and although the town sometimes hated her for it, the rules didn't apply to her.

I'm a university-educated Canadian of mixed descent. I grew up in small northern towns, but welcomed the change in culture moving to the city afforded. I'm allegedly a weak Myers-Briggs introvert - practically, this means concerts, theatre, and restaurants over clubs and parties. I may always favour wine and conversation, but a wonderful aspect of this profession is discovering and savouring the distinctive notes in every conversation. (Cue cheesy music.)

My entry into the sex industry was a result of my studies! I've always been interested in minority sexualities. Researching a school project, I came across Belle de Jour's Secret Diary of a London Call Girl. Here was an intelligent, witty woman whose opinions on morality laws matched mine! Seed planted. For the next two years, I lurked on escort review boards, and had one misadventure in the office of a potential sugar daddy. One day, I timidly stepped into the foyer of an agency, and, bewildered, was hired on the spot. I took two appointments that day and was late for class. In a very healthy way, (I cannot stress this enough!) I was hooked. I am thoroughly enjoying my work, and plan to continue in it for at least the next few years.

Leisurely pursuits of mine include spending time with friends, volunteering, and exploring the arts and dining scenes of Vancouver when I can. If I'm very fortunate, I travel! I otherwise occupy myself with saving the world from harmful sex-negative discourses. Being a superhero is lonely sometimes, but I consider a liberated society my reward.

A mere 5'1", I'm an unlikely vigilante until I diminish opposing arguments with a blast from my big, sultry brown eyes. My signature dreamy derriere immobilizes potential critics, while my incredibly smooth skin and soft lips send them into a shivering tizzy. My delicious olive complexion so causes adversaries to melt that often, all I'm left with in my hands is a trembling, sticky goo. Oh well...

Please don't let that frighten you! If you don't pose an immediate threat, I would love to practice my sensual powers on you! I'm a very open-minded young lady, I do indeed like people of all genders, and believe me, I can work with anything. The client who impresses me is simply one who is clean, respectful, and supports my goal of joyful orgasms for all.

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